Family astrology compatibility: Cancer, Aquarius, Sagittarius, Taurus and scorpio?

This is just fun. Please don’t take it too seriously…
Dad(me): Aquarius (air)
Mom: Sagittarius (Fire)
Oldest Son: Taurus (Earth)
youngest son: Cancer (water)
youngest child(daughter): Scorpio (water)

I know my wife and I are awesome together.
Just want to know the relationship between children and us, and children and each other.


Your kids are very compatible with one another. Theres likely to be the most frustration between that Scorpio and taurus.

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Yikes! Good thing i saw this question in my answers or id have forgotten. Sorry about that mate.

Taurus Cancer:
The natural desire to protect and nurture that these two share will probably keep things peaceful most of the time. Taurus will only get upset for two reasons: one, when physical needs have not been met — and two, when people don’t give this single-minded child his or her own way. Cancer, on the other hand, is upset more often than s/he is content — and is likely to make noticeable complaints. If you’re lucky, Cancer will follow Taurus’ level-headed lead. If this doesn’t happen, Taurus will get fed up with Cancer and the bullying will begin. For this reason, it’s a good idea to keep a close eye on these two whenever possible. Taurus can intimidate Cancer, so you might not hear about the damage that’s been done until years later. In most cases, these two will find peaceful ways to get along, and will share pleasant memories of the childhood years they spent together.

Taurus Scorpio:
You probably have the two most stubborn signs in the zodiac in this combination, but they’ll get along surprisingly well. In essence, when these two come together, they’ll soon realize that each has met his or her match. Just when you think Taurus will never budge out of a particular opinion, Scorpio will be able to demonstrate how doing so will be to everyone’s advantage. And, just when Scorpio believes the whole family is wrapped securely by his or her stinger-clad tail, Taurus will rebel by digging in and refusing to yield to Scorpio’s way of doing things. The fights between these two will be intense, but probably not physical. Taurus will be prone to volcanic displays of temper, while Scorpio is likely to play pranks that cross a line that goes way beyond practical jokes. As adults, though, these two will appreciate and cherish the bonds they build during their shared childhood.

Cancer Scorpio:
These two emotionally charged children will get along together, as long as you provide them with a peaceful environment. Neither of them will like loud noises or toys that intrude upon their inner serenity; but they’ll thrive on quiet puzzles and games that allow them to use their imaginations. Cancer will engage in "reality" play more readily than Scorpio, but they’ll both be searching for ways to secure their practical purpose in the world. Scorpio will prefer to do so more quietly, even secretly. It is Scorpio’s private side that might make you believe s/he is the thicker-skinned one of the two, but don’t be so sure. When these two fight, feelings will be hurt; and both will exact revenge. Forgiveness doesn’t come easily for either of these children, so you will have to teach it. As they grow older, their bond will keep them together, but their competition will make their relationship interesting.

Still looking for a good site on parent child compatibility.

For now ill give you this:

PS – The 2 and 1 stars dont really mean you have bad kids, it means theyre more incompatible signs for the combination of your sign and your wifes sign.

My personal opinion:
Cancer and Scorpio are exceptional together. Chances are they get along best and REALLY understand one another.
Taurus with Cancer should be fairly compatible as Earth and Water are compatible elements. Same with Taurus and Scorpio, although i think theyll butt heads more often because there are just some things Taurus and Scorpio simply cannot understand about one another.

Air and Fire are generally not considered compatible with Earth or Water. But all of your birth charts might lend greater insight to compatibility among you all. Im still researching it, but i have seen some interesting things regarding birth charts; like a fire sign that behaves almost entirely like a water sign.

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