Astrology match up?!?!?

*I am a Taurus, Rising Sun Taurus, Moon Sag
*He is a Sag, Rising Sun Virgo, Moon, Aries

(I have a Taurus in Venus and a Gemini in Mars
He has a Scorpio in Venus and Aries in Mars)

We’ve been together for over 2 years, if Taurus and Sag "aren’t a good match", whats holding us together in astrology?

****Please help! And don’t answer if your answer is just going to criticize astology. I’ll just flag, give a bad rating, and delete****

I feel the same when people say bad for Astrology as they deny such a Powerful science, that rules every bit of our life. I do not know exactly about astrology. You can check other questions as many ask them.

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