Astrological Compatibility

Astrological Compatibility

Am I going to have astrological compatibility with my new partner? Are we a good love match? We are in love and everything between us is going well.

This is what my client asked me when she came to see me for some advice. But she was concerned what would happen down the track. Did they have enough astrological compatibility aspects in their chart for the relationship to work?

They had recently met and he had used some great pick up line to get her interested and had worked on successful ways to get her attention. She had fallen for him and now she wanted to know if their relationship was going to be harmonious and well balanced.

So I proceeded to help her and explained to her that when you look at an astrological compatibility chart there are many factors in each persons chart to take into consideration.

However, a good degree of accuracy is available by just looking at each others sun signs which is also fun to explore. But sun signs are just a tip of the iceberg and you really need to look deeper into both of your astrology charts to unlock the real power of astrology.

We can look to Venus the planet of love in both horoscopes to see if they are in a good aspect with each other. The strategy he used to get her interest may be revealed by the planetary combination of your astrological compatibility chart and then we have something to build on.

We may then be able to discover which personality traits he finds most attractive in you and you in him. There is a point on your astrology birth chart that can explain why you are attracted to certain types of relationship partners.

The sign which sits on the cusps of your descendant or 7th house in your birth chart will reveal your attitude toward marriage and partnership. This will also give you a better understanding of your instinctual attraction toward a particular love match in a potential partner. This point is also the part of you that you only show to an intimate partner. The compatible astrology signs can tell a lot about both of you.

An “astrological compatibility” chart is worked out between the two partners horoscope and this chart will show how well they are suited for each other. A good relationship between partners needs to have favourable aspects to each others Venus and Mars. Venus which represent the feminine aspect of your nature and Mars have the masculine influence and that attraction needs to be compatible between Venus and Mars for the chemistry to happen. To read more about astrology visit “

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Astrological love sign compatibility can give powerful insights into your relationships, get expert tips and advice on astrology and the zodiac in this free video. Expert: Gnobo Calypso Contact: Bio: Gnobo Calypso has studied and practiced astrology and Mystical Numerology for over 30 years and currently has an office at the New Age Center in Sedona Arizona. Filmmaker: Chuck Tyler
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